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Charles Drew was a physician, surgeon, and medical researcher, for the American Red Cross, who played a major role in developing the first large-scale blood bank and blood plasma program. Ramen Shop kodificer videofiler i H. Please try a different filter. Her original invention consisted of peepholes, a camera, monitors, and a two-way microphone. Lonnie Johnson is an inventor and engineer.

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She was the first African American to receive a Ph. Brown created the home security system along with her husband Albert Brown because the police were very slow responding to emergencies.

Under optagelsesprocessen kodes videoen og segmenteres for at generere videofragmenter og indeksfil. Boykin received a patent for a wire precision resistor which would be key to the invention of radios and televisions. In addition, Morgan discovered and developed a chemical hair-processing and straightening solution. Elijah McCoy was a Canadian born African American inventor and engineer who help to improve efficiency and eliminate the frequent stopping of trains due to lubrication.

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The finishing touch was an alarm button that, when pressed, would immediately contact the police. Drew also invented bloodmobiles, refrigerated trucks used to transport blood. While conducting research at Bell Laboratories, angry birds star wars games Dr.

Morgan also invented the third segment of the traffic light, which reduced car accidents. Boykin also created a device that could withstand major changes in temperature and pressure that were used by the U.

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Her invention paved the way for modern closed-circuit television systems which is a vital piece in the use of surveillance, home security systems, push-button alarm triggers, and traffic monitoring. His greatest contribution to scholarship was the development of mathematical models to explain gamma radiation and his work on developing a shielding against gamma radiation. Gelobter played a major role in the creation of Shockwave, used for powerful multimedia playback, as well as the emergence of online video. Otis Boykin was an inventor and engineer who took an interest in working with resistors. Johnson also founded the Johnson Research and Development Company, incorporated.

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It was so popular that when other inventors attempted to steal his idea and sell their own versions of the device, companies were not fooled. On top of her accomplishments, Dr. Skip to toolbar About WordPress. An incandescent light bulb, incandescent lamp or incandescent light globe is an electric light with a wire filament heated to such a high temperature that it glows with visible light.

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