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The above method calls getCurrentFocus of the target Activity to fetch the proper window token. Ofcourse it does, it's supposed to.

On some devices it will re-appear as soon as a new text field is focused. Transmit network data using Volley. Check this related answer.

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YoushaAleayoub yes it will. If the user wants another search, just click search again. But why did you put input. This last solution may show the keyboard for a split second and messes with the selection handles. This doesn't work when the focus is still in an EditText like, after touching a button.

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This solution shows keyboard if it is hidden. Man, I'm totally desperate to hide the keyboard. This will override AndroidManifest settings. Within the AndroidManifest. Its all true, but my workaround does have one advantage - it always works!

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For my case, I was using the a SearchView in the actionbar. Supporting game controllers.

It naturally follows that the InputMethod typically the soft keyboard will respond to the focus event by showing itself. HideSoftInputFromWindow searchbox. Although Android gives focus to the first text field in your layout when the activity starts, satyam songs it does not show the soft keyboard.

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But if I use InputMethodManager. In some cases you will want to pass in InputMethodManager.

Adding search functionality. This is legit per Javadoc not a hack though I would rewrite the method as editView. This can be used to suppress the soft-keyboard until the user actually touches the editText View. Cool solution, however, if your front activity is not fullscreen, the keyboard is visible behind it.

Saurabh Pareek has the best answer so far. After a user performs a search, the keyboard would pop open again. Check out this guide for more details. Play Install Referrer Library.

Apparently, the windowSoftInputMode setting applies only to automatic focus events, not to focus events triggered by touch events. If you look closer, InputMethodManager. Remember and authenticate users.

Handle input method visibility Learn how to specify when to show the soft input method and how your layout should adjust to the reduced screen space. The only place you need the keyboard is in the single EditText. YoushaAleayoub uhm yes it will. Also learn how to specify characteristics such as spelling suggestion behavior and action buttons such as Done or Next. This will force the keyboard to be hidden in all situations.

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Building effective unit tests. Google Play Install Referrer.

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Please use the solution of Saurabh Pareek instead. When in the keyboard enters full screen, onGlobalLayout isn't called. When it is in its visible state the keyboard should not disappear no matter what buttons the user clicks. See the guide on keyboard visibility for more details. We write carelessly, then we strike out all and rewrite everything.

It will re-appear again when a user focuses a new text field. It should perhaps be called ignoreInitialFocus instead. Interact with peripherals. Perform network operations using Cronet.

These topics and more are discussed in the following lessons. It did not work in the onCreate method. This should be the correct answer. As my app essentially only has one screen its a calculator I can override onBackPressed and return to the devices home screen. But suppose you want to hide the keyboard from an EditText hosted in a DialogFragment?

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Communicate with wireless devices. When the user touches an edit text, the keyboard shows up. One will always need to tweak it for older versions. As my app uses multiple text fields on one page, focusing a new text field will cause the hidden keyboard to pop back up again.

See these screenshots for a visual reference. What is searchbox in the snippet? If there is no focused view e. In some cases this methods can works except of all others.

Why does this show the keyboard if it was hidden? Also the keyboard's cursor movement aid is also still visible.