Saraiki Music

The dance is also performed in circle, to the tune of emotional songs. In past all Saraiki areas were part of one single administrative entity called Multan but now it exists as a district that is why it is also known as mother of all Saraiki areas. Na Tein Wafa Keeti Saraikimusic. Saraiki culture is a rich culture having very old and deep roots as it combines old and new customs from the invasions as well as Pakistani and modern influences. Normally people sit on charpai and hamacha in the evening and gossip.

Islam came to this region with the Arab conquest of Sindh in eighth century. Saqiya Ve Saqiya Saraikimusic. Sometimes the dancers place one hand below the ribs on the left and gesticulate with the right hand. There are tombs, shrines, temples, cathedrals and also a historical fort. Articles needing additional references from November All articles needing additional references.

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Saraiki culture

Uchiyaan Lamiyaan Taliyaan Saraikimusic. Unhaan Mari Keeti Saraikimusic. Saraiki is one of the three dialects spoken in Sindh. Ag Baar Ke Dhevein Saraikimusic.

Assalam o alikum plz am need a saraiki song rabaa toye keu lakyaa judyaa takdeera da naal muneer awan. Arain, Ansari, Dhareja, Khosa, Leghari, nagavalli telugu movie etc.

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Whereas it is also understood and spoken widely as a second language in areas of Northern and Western Sindh, Karachi and also some parts of Baluchistan. Each region of Southern Punjab has its own variation of Jhumar. Saraiki culture combined with Indus Valley culture as well as Persian and Muslim influences has a very rich history along with its own language and traditions. Assalam o alikum plz am need a saraiki song wah wah blochan di yaari.

The cuisine is not much different from the traditional dishes all over Pakistan but Sohanjhna is the famous vegetable of the region as well as Sohan Halwa is also a traditional sweet of Multan. The tradition put Rumal or Pashmina or Shaal on shoulder. He has written many books in Saraiki Poetry, mostly themed on Sufism. Most importantly as people have nowadays easy access to internet, more information should be available to promote and educate people about the beautiful Saraiki culture.

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New Saraiki Songs - video dailymotion

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Women also used to wear ghagra but it is not used only for wedding and parties. The traditional male dress is Lungi with Chola kameez. The dance is without acrobatics.

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All the folk lovers ll enjoy this song. Gold Plz plz plz sir upload this song. It is celebrated especially at the time of wheat harvesting and it is also known as Basant in some areas. There they discuss their daily personal, social or political issues in friendly environment.

This region has been conquered a number of times by people from West including the Aryans and the Greeks. Sohan Halwa is traditional sweet made by boiling a mixture of water, sugar, milk and cornflour until it becomes solid. Babar Niazi - Javed Niazi. Agar ghulam Muhammad dard and hayat bhati and miyan mushtaq k mushtaq k musheary bhe upload kr dain to kya bat ho. Other than mausoleums and shrines there is Darawar fort on the outskirts of Bahawalpur in Cholistan Desert and also Darbar Mahal in Bahawalpur.

Allah meda me dhadi logan dy moo wich i han. Jhumar is performed usually at the wedding ceremonies. Doo Akhiyaan Nu Saraikimusic. Kehre Shahar Daein Saraikimusic.

It is a living demonstration of the happiness. Shahzada Asif Ali of Multan.

Saraiki Culture

Saraiki Language has emerged from a number of dialects since the creation of Pakistan. Still there is a small volume of literature available in Saraiki language. Even so not proper information is available and people still want their Saraiki identity to be known to people like people know Punjabi is an identity. Feet are musically placed in front and backwards, and turns are taken to the right.

Saraiki Culture

Disclaimer Requested Songs. The movement of the arms only is considered its main forte. This article needs additional citations for verification. The region is home to many Sufism. Sports Kabaddi is the famous sport of the region.

Jhumar or Jhoomar is the traditional Saraiki folk dance. There is a long list of famous poets belonging to this region and their work is commendable.

Festivals Most of the festivals are based on Islamic calendar and the events held for the remembrance of Sufi Saints and to commemorate the Muslim traditions in the region. Similarly, Uch Sharif has been the centre of Qadiriyya Sufi order. Sada Chriyaan Da Chamba Saraikimusic.

This dance does not tire out its performers, and it is normally danced on moonlight nights in the villages away from the habitation. It is usually celebrated in February every year for ten days. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Most of the people belong to either the caste of Jat or Rajput and others are Baloch by origin e. Is album main sub Dohry Mahiye hain. Please yeh youtube py b nhi mil raha ksi ko pata ho toi bata mjy. Sayin Zahoor Aarfana Kalam.