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Yes the lyrics are cheesy but it's still better than the Laurie Johnson version that appears here! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Shaw in particular, was known within the production team to be fairly inept with the cars.

However, only the unaired episodes were released on tape. Corbett's Doyle provides the brawn to the brains of Barker's Smiley and actually comes out the worse.

To be honest, though, I don't think Earthling Scum are expecting us to take it seriously, anyway. The story behind it seems to be that record companies had been nagging Lewis to do something musical since the early days of The Professionals and, eventually, he gave in! Also includes rerecordings of incidental music featured in each series. That said, Doyle is more hot-headed and tended to rush in, while Bodie waits for the shooting to start.

The Professionals (TV series)

The Professionals was one of a few series from the West broadcast in communist Czechoslovakia in the s. Every track - including the main title theme - is monophonic. The Sweeney theme is excellent and actually has more of a shuffle feel than the original.

It's a shame, then, that I can't honestly recommend it. Raymond Doyle Martin Shaw born c. If sales are strong enough, we may get a second volume. Well worth tracking down, then! He took art classes, and appears to be musically inclined as well.

In plans were being drawn up for a film version of The Professionals with Lewis Collins approached to play the part of Cowley, but after negotiations broke down the film was abandoned. The Professionals tracks are mainly from the third, ing music for illegal fourth and fifth seasons.

He was recruited by Cowley, and was made Bodie's partner shortly afterwards. The cover of The Professionals theme here really is terrible, especially considering the fact that is was played by the South Bank Studio Orchestra! Several years after the series ended London Weekend Television was contractually obliged to re-negotiate repeat fees with the lead actors. Neither song is particularly good.

Both songs were written by Shirlie Roden. Clemens and Albert Fennell were executive producers, with business partner Laurie Johnson providing the theme music. In which case, it shouldn't really be released commericially. This happens on all of the tracks.

Alan Parker's Angels theme is brilliantly re-created and is almost indistinguishable from the original recording, but with the benefit of digital recording technology. Just as the theme tune ends they get in the car and it drives off. Martin Shaw was publicly critical of the series during its production, feeling he was playing a one-dimensional character in a one-dimensional show. It gained a cult following there very quickly.

Although their loyalty to Cowley is beyond question, they have no qualms about disobeying orders if it means getting the right result, either for the case or themselves. The record was released on the Nouveau Music label. This publication was also foreworded and given official endorsement by series creator Brian Clemens.

The restoration process is described in a blog post. Like Bodie he enjoyed football, but was a good cook and enjoyed a more healthy lifestyle. Many of the episodes featured some kind of car chase, a role for which the Capri, at least in terms of its market positioning, was particularly well-suited.

He was more immediately approachable than Doyle, and was generally relaxed and confident, although tending to hide his intelligence behind his hard-man image. It seems more like a jokey warm-up session simply done for fun.

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Doyle's bubble perm hairstyle and s dress sense were actually chosen by Martin Shaw and his wife. Let's get the negative points out of the way first. However, the show was not a ratings success and only lasted one series.

Midway through the first series, the supplier was then switched to Ford after they offered to provide vehicles for the production crew as well as for on-screen use. He enjoyed football, cricket, drinking, and English literature. The Professionals is interesting and different from other cover versions.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He can be seen pulling out without fully checking the traffic flow, directly in front of an approaching Volkswagen Beetle.

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Professionals - Theme Tune

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die. The wrong notes, crap sounds, etc. However, in the late s and early s the series was criticised by feminist groups. Laurie's own re-arrangements are usually quite faithful but most of the cover versions by other artists range from merely inferior to absolutely appalling! List of The Professionals episodes.

The team were responsible to a minister, played by Charlotte Cornwell. There is also a free poster contained within the sleeve, which is just a blow-up of the photo. The various versions on the compilation are well produced in general.

Artist London Studio Symphony Orchestra. It ends with them going through set windows and a close up of the stopwatch being stopped and Cowley standing by the car motioning them to get in. In a similar manner to the original series the show included action sequences, often in a James Bond style. Cowley, Bodie and Doyle get out of the vehicle and Bodie and Doyle then go through an assault course whilst being timed on a stopwatch by Cowley. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Although depictions of actual bloodshed were scarce, the series was often criticised for its level of violence, with shootings, martial arts and asphyxiation a common means of assassination. By synthesisers were becoming accepted in the mainstream. This section does not cite any sources. They were both recorded at Redan Studios. The show was originally to have been called The A-Squad.