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The guest who guesses the answers closest to what mom or dad said wins the game. If you like, have the mom-to-be relax in another room during the decorating time.

Give copies of the questions to the mom-to-be and her partner before the party, and ask them to write down their answers. All you have to do is download and print.

53 Baby Shower Games Your Guests Will Love

Diaper raffles are very typical. For this game, the mommy-to-be finishes a list of fill-in-the-blank phrases prior to the shower. Have the guests shout out the name of the song, and make a note of who gets it right the fastest. Split the guests up into teams of four or five, and give each guest a balloon.

Challenge your guests to see if they can finish mommy's sentences. This is one of the more popular baby shower activities. You will be juggling a lot of balls in the air.

It's available in pink, blue, and brown. Then during the party, guests are handed a card and asked to complete the same phrases according to how they think the mom would respond.

Ask each guest to decorate an outfit for the new baby. Before the party, put a baby item into each bag, and number the bags.

Have the guests blindly draw a picture of a baby. Arrange the pictures of the mom-to-be on a board or a table, and place a number next to each picture. Ask them to unscramble the letters and write down the real words as quickly as they can.

Just make sure everyone does something different until you have a range from A to Z. This post may contain affiliate links.

1. Wishes for Baby

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Baby Shower Free Printable. Printable Baby Shower Games. Your guests will have so much fun playing these free printable baby shower games and they are easy to make! This is a great mingling activity at baby showers! Give each guest a square of fabric to decorate for the new baby.

20 Printable Baby Shower Games That Are Fun To Play

Well, just let guests choose their own iron-on transfers and set up on ironing station. You can decorate the squares at the party, or send guests their square in advance, and ask them to bring their decorated square to the shower.

They'll break the ice while getting guests that don't know each other to mingle. Play with hardboiled eggs to avoid messy breaks! These messages will be read while changing baby during the early hours of the morning. When everyone is finished, read the correct words out loud, and have guests score themselves.

Growing the fingerprint tree is an awful lot of fun. After having your guests get a good look at mom's outfit, take her away and see who can get the closest. In this activity, each guest gets a newborn diaper and a marker. Ask guests to write down a parenting saying or piece of advice that they associate with their mom or dad on a slip of paper.

Opening gifts usually takes a huge chunk of time at a baby shower. After the shower, donate at least a few ducks to the mom-to-be for all those baths to come. Before we start, full version registry cleaner software I just want to mention that there seems to be a confusion between baby shower activities and baby shower games.

Free Printable Baby Shower Games

Guests go through their purses and get points for certain items on the list. This is commonly played as the first game at a baby shower.

These free baby shower games will make sure that your guests have a blast at the shower without you having to break the bank. These baby shower games are all about wishing the best to the expectant mom. Whoever gets the most matches with Mom wins. Your guests get to know each while playing a fun game of bingo. The winner gets a point, and then you can move on to the next item on the list.

Then, using a pin, the first person must pop her own balloon through her shirt, and then the second person does the same, and so on. Yet again, a baby shower activity perfect for those with limited artistic abilities. Distribute numbered, blank lists, and have each guest guess who is pictured in each photo. The guest with the most clothespins at the end of the baby shower is the winner.

Blow and Pop Baby Race