Pagedefrag was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu. In some cases PageDefrag may be unable to reduce fragmentation on one or more of the files, and it will indicate so on the boot-time Blue Screen. For the best results you should use PageDefrag in conjunction with a commercial defragmentation utility or my free Contig defragmenter. Simply enter a tool's Sysinternals Live path into Windows Explorer or a command prompt as live. By continuing to browse this site, dictionary oxford windows 7 you agree to this use.

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Despite its simplicity, the product includes the option to abort the operation should the user want to boot the computer without any delay. This might also cause the pagefile to be re-created if enabled. This usually results is a long shutdown delay whilst the pagefile is purged, and isn't therefore enabled by default. It can cause premature aging of your hard drive, and on a laptop it will also result in lower usable battery life as the hard drive uses more power when active.

Even if it is not a complicated tool it includes proper documentation. How could I disable pagedfrg? There is a security option which will cause the pagefile to be cleared on shutdown. It is far better to install enough memory in your system in the first place that the pagefile doesnt need to be used much. This computer data storage -related software article is a stub.

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If it is successful at reducing the fragmentation it will tell you the number of clusters the file started with and the number it consists of after the defragmentation. Run now from Sysinternals Live. The Sysinternals web site was created in by Mark Russinovich to host his advanced system utilities and technical information.

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This can happen either because there is not enough space on the drive for defragmentation, or the free space itself is highly fragmented. Whilst having an unfragmented pagefile is certainly desirable, I would also not worry about it too much so long as the number of fragments stays fairly low. Check that this is still set to disabled.

Installing and Using PageDefrag

The utility can be launched as soon as extracted from the download archive, saving the user the trouble of going through an installation process. This release also adds support for an associated Kernel Dump of the process that includes the kernel stacks of the process. Thus, the user is provided the possibility to set a period of time in seconds that delays the optimization process.

Defragmenting these files may improve performance. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You will need to re-boot after making any changes, and may need to defragment the new pagefile. This is particularly useful when capturing crash dumps of applications susceptible to termination due to unresponsiveness e. If your operating system is having to increase the size of your page file it may be due to having insufficient memory.

When you run PageDefrag pagedfrg. Data defragmentation entails organizing the files on the hard disk so that there is no free space between them.

Your pagefile size can either be system managed, or set to an explicit size. If you set it to a fixed size rather than have it system managed you may be able to solve your problem. Defragmentation software Windows-only freeware Utilities for Windows Storage software stubs. So its important to have your free space consolidated into contiguous large areas if possible. As it processes each file PageDefrag will print on the boot-time startup screen the file name and its success at defragmenting it.

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Thus, standard defragmentation programs can neither show you how fragmented your paging files or Registry hives are, nor defragment them.

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You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. In the lower part of the application window there are options for initiating the defragmentation procedure. Paging and Registry file fragmentation can be one of the leading causes of performance degradation related to file fragmentation in a system. Office Office Exchange Server.

Hi thank for all of your answers. Have you defragmented the rest of the partition? If the page file is fragmented, PageDefrag can take as long or longer than Windows Defrag. Pagedefrag is a simple utility with a simple purpose.

We are planning to revisit and enhance the filtering in the new year. When you direct PageDefrag to defragment, the next time the system boots it will attempt to do so. It runs out of the box and makes available a short list of settings. Since this sort of data is required by the system in order to function properly, processing them can be done when Windows is offline.