Old Hindi Films

Mughal-E-Azam One of the most historic movies. The best part of this movie is the character Parimal Tripathi, played by Dharmendra.

Great dialogue and charisma. This is used to provide data on traffic to our website, all personally identifyable data is anonymized.

Kabhi Kabhie This story binds the characters together so seamlessly that you start to feel for them. Congrats for your wedding Mrs. He plays a character unlike most of his trademark roles. Some articles have Vimeo videos embedded in them. Bachchan was injured, becoming critically ill.

Best Old Hindi Movies From Bollywood

Great songs and Salman Khan. It is also supported by a great story. The film goes out of its way to proclaim the untainted virgin status of its female lead, as Madhu Parekh only pretends to be a widow in order to assume a new identity.

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This is an incredible list of incredible films. Even now people can hear these never die song from radio, shows, etc.

But this episode remains a masterclass in music, dance, and storytelling. Can anyone achieve their dreams in an honest way?

You know because you've already watched it. Kal Ho Naa Ho was similar to Anand, but it was an hour longer than Anand and it had lots of unnecessary characters that added to the humor, but some of the jokes were pretty perverted.

Super Hit Bollywood Films Of The Year 1980

Kunwara Baap This is a comedy movie with a relevant social message in it, and the Tamil actress Manorama's role will surely give you a reason to laugh. Hitchcock movies are mostly suspense.

This supports the Maven widget and search functionality. He marries her without seeing her, so the shallow groom is understandably upset on his wedding night.

Old Hindi Movies List 1980

He is the fourth generation of the Kapoor family to star in Hindi movies. Allow me to bring to your attention the best classic Hindi films from Bollywood. Superhit Old Hindi Movies It goes without saying that many of these classic films did well at the box office. Author has done a great Job for creating a list of Classic Films of Bollywood which we can never forgot and never miss to watch it again. Continue reading to see short descriptions, rare movie posters, video clips, game gunbound offline and screen grabs for many of these classic films.

Suspense until the last moment. This is one of the most iconic movies of Kaka. This is the first blockbuster super hit of Rajesh Khanna. It was derived from a Japanese movie about a couple who are deaf and mute.

Superb acting by their stars, Very well directed by Vijay Anand. The brothers head towards an unavoidable face-off. Purely because of Amitabh.

When he kills a small-time thief, he is forced to seek protection from the same politician he loathes. This is a powerful movie on the government and it's corrupt practices. This musical romance and box-office hit explores the love lives of dancers in a musical troupe.

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The big scene Michelle gains her university degree and makes a moving speech to the graduating class. Mera Naam Joker This film was based on the phenomena of clowns and the lives they led.