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Many of the arcade racing games fall in the category that concentrate on speed and the simulation games concentrate on realistic driving of vehicles. There you can also add different accessories with the vehicles such as winches, low gear, differential gear locking and clinometer. Guide Download Game You need to read before download. You will learn what it is famous for and why we chose it as one of the regions.

Just download and start playing it. You will race through forests, deserts swamps and many such locations.

We purposefully chose this country to be one of the regions to host the world championship event in Off-Road Drive. Hopefully it will not leave you indifferent either!

Therefore you feel confident in this vehicle while challenging the severe natural and artificial barriers on the tracks. We are glad to update your desktop with the May Off-drive version of the calendar. Its the most complete and amazing simulation of offroad racing ever developed.

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Dear fellow off-road drivers, we are happy to welcome you at the official Off-Road Drive website with lots of materials about this amazing game and much more to be published. Hence in many respects this car is so popular among the fans of off-road sport. There are some extreme racing tracks as in deserts and rocks etc. Today we would like to tell you a small story about the off-road championship that takes place in Thailand.

Go to this page on our forum and participate. This prototype qualifies for Super Open competitions. We hope you will enjoy the new wallpaper. We are glad to present the calendar for the last winter month. As always it is filled with sunny mood and off-road romance.

The physics though towards the realistic nature are tweaked somewhat for the game to be playable for normal users. First official patch for Off-Road Drive is now available. Click on the below button to start Off-Road Drive. The game sticks close to its name and delivers a true real life off-road racing experience to the gamers. You can also add accessories to the vehicles.

Off-Road Drive is an amazing racing and simulation game. Please note that the update for Steam users will be fairly large due to nature of Unreal Engine and Steam update process. Following are the main features of Off-Road Drive that you will be able to experience after the first install on your Operating System. We are pleased to update your desktop with the April Off-drive version of the calendar. In this game you will enjoy the amazing imagery of the nature such as swamps, rocks, snow and the sand.

You will have to constantly change gears, change tire pressure to match the terrain that you are driving on and many such things in order to achieve success in this game. Suspension and tires can also be changed depending upon where you are racing. This is the time-proven American off-road vehicle specially tuned for South-East Asia competitions.

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You can find full list of fixes here. Leaf Spring class Samurai This car is based on a popular Japanese model, specially modified for Petronas Suvium Silverstone competitions. Update List All Game Switch. The days are getting longer, youtube dvd soft nature wakes up and it's time for the highly anticipated outings in good company with our favorite girlfriends. This vehicle is based on a prototype which never went to mass production.

Off Road Drive

Off Road Racing brings a new idea to the gaming industry with an off road simulation. This game is for the fans of the off-road racing because of the difficulty and is not for all the casual gamers. The game is simple you are given tough off road driving locations and as a professional odd race driver your job is to win them. Off-Road Drive is an offroad racing simulation game where you race around the true-to-life and extreme racing areas. Off-Road Drive is a racing simulation game.

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So the game tends towards the real side of off road racing which makes use of the physics that are realistic and vehicle customizations that are required in such situations. We continue to publish materials about different regions in the game. Dear Friends, April has come!

All kinds of terrains are present that will give you a good experience. Its the best offroad racing game. While constructing these prototypes you must consider the matters of safety system and safeness of the pilot. The calendar is presented in several resolutions.

The Samurai belongs to the Leaf Spring off-road class vehicles with suspension on longitudinal springs. The terrain under the vehicle just act like they does in the real life. The update optimizes multiplayer mode, fixes occasional crashes and freezes along with several other issues. Jagged Alliance Collectors Bundle.

Off-Road Drive is the first game ever to deliver a true-to-life, off-road, racing experience. As the game is an off road racing game, the number of people playing it is less compared to the arcade games of today.

Stones fly from the underneath of vehicles just like they does in the reality. Like when your vehicle gets stuck and your tires are turning in the set position then you will see all the stuff and gravel thrown off in the direction of the spinning which looks great. Thailand Today we would like to tell you a small story about the off-road championship that takes place in Thailand. Download Will Start Automatically.

The calendar is available in several resolutions to fit your screen. Ranger belongs to the Double Wishbone off-road class vehicles with suspension on twin transverse struts. There are certain parts where the terrain will tear and your vehicle will get stuck in the cracks.

Until these days it is being used by various agencies throughout the world, and it confirmed its reliability and simplicity. Nevertheless, these prototypes are being actively used in cross-country competitions. Installation Guide Video is also on bottom of Next page.

Off Road Drive fits in the second category of games. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. If you're interested in off-road competitions and the game, these questions won't give you any problems. All the off-road vehicles represented in the game are subdivided into classes suitable for certain competition types, so the player will gradually acquire several specialized trucks to use in races.

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Therefore this vehicle is used in various off-road competitions so often. It is full and complete game. Check out the official game trailer here and do not miss out an opportunity to chat with other driving fans from all over the world at our forums.