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Home Categories Sadness Dialogues. You don't need to buy mobile tones online anymore! Farhan Akhtar T he new millennium brought a certain degree of normalcy in the way the actors spoke their lines. All melodies are grouped by genre and tags, as well as sorted by the date and popularity. Download music to your phone very quick and easy!

Jigar ka dard upar se kahin malum hota hai? Right from bombastic and florid to pedestrian and monosyllabic, it's all about saying the right words at the right time.

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Mouthing catchphrases or zingy lines is quite easily the most fun and addictive element in any cinema aficionado's conversation. Friendship Sadness Comedy. Jainendra Jain I t's not just the arrogance of Ajit's peculiar tone but the manner he chooses to pronounce Lion as Loin that makes all the difference in Subhash Ghai's directorial debut.

Jainendra Jain B obby captures an entire generation's heart with her disarming exuberance, cutesy miniskirts and a warm, friendly proposition. Liquid isse jeene nahi dega aur Oxygen isse marne nahi dega. The convenient search system and an opportunity to listen music online allows you to choose the rington you like the most. Akhtar-Ul-Iman H ow to make a well-known idiom into your own? Dilip Shukla I n movies, threatening is an art form.

How to confirm ownership for my mobile connection? And this one with Saif Ali Khan, trying to be the smart aleck, is most chuckle-worthy.

Only Salim-Javed could have cracked a retort of this stature. Find and download to your favorite ringtunes!

No surprise then that even the generation, unacquainted with the original, succumbed to its charm when Shah Rukh Khan proclaimed the same in Farhan Akhtar's version. Salim-Javed T here's something about the confidence of this statement where Amitabh Bachchan declares the implausibility of such possibility, it had to catch on. Sapna Mera Toota - Nautanki Saala.

The catalog is regularly updated. Best friends since and still going strong. Songs are charged on an individual basis. Tired of the old ring tone?

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Now everyone can download ringtones and show their individuality. But this slide show isn't exclusively dedicated to him. Don't forget to spam the message board with your picks. What makes the truth in Gulzar's words even more effective is how they play out in the climax. Dialogue baazi is the backbone of Bollywood's flamboyant personality.

Shah Rukh Khan's version does too. Moreover, this one's so popular they even have t-shirts imprinted with the said quote. Before you download the ringtone, you can listen it online. Recently Added Movies Lyrics.

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Prepaid customers would be charged a daily rental of Rs. How to find out the version of my platform? Salim-Javed D harmendra may have never played a vampire but the most memorable line of his career has him mocking one. Nasha Nasha - Dushman Duniya Ka.

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Following the menus, you can choose what songs to play for callers, when, etc. Gulzar N obody demonstrates the philosophy of Anand better than Anand himself. Why do I need to select the version of my platform? You can find thousands of top ringtones for free. Can you see the pain of the heart from outside?

Salim-Javed B eing the most loquacious character in one of Bollywood's most beloved movies has its perks. Farhan Akhtar's urban story about three friends works on understated but effective wit.

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Film buff Sukanya Verma presents some of the most iconic Hindi film dialogues of all time. Jagdish Kanwal S peaking of dialogues, high definition can Shatrughan Sinha be behind?

Know the real names of Bollywood's Hottest Girls? New Most Popular Best of the month. It requires a specialised degree of conviction. Popular ringtones can be easily found just in few clicks. The grace and grandeur of Raaj Kumar's delicate observation is simply too precious to not give in.

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