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Connecting with an invulnerable or hidden target completely nullifies the concoction, including the AoE stun and damage. Once thrown, Unstable Concoction stops brewing. After casting Goldenfinger on a creep, a Golden Greevil spawns from the corpse.

Goldenfinger immediately kills the target unit. Upload File Request file File Leecher.

This ability is granted as long as Alchemist holds an Aghanim's Scepter. It doesn't matter how long it was still brewing since.

Enemy heroes always drop the gold bag when killed under Sticky Acid. Unstable Concoction always affects a area around where it explodes, including when it explodes on Alchemist. While under Chemical Rage, Unstable Concoction brews twice as fast. Unstable Concoction can now be thrown at friendly units to grant them Chemical Rage.

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Alchemist can cast Aghanim's Scepter on an ally or himself, granting the hero all Aghanim's stats and their upgrades. Aghanim's Scepter is consumed in the process. After a few seconds, the brew reaches its maximum damage and stun time. Miscellaneous Changes Items Items. When toggled on, Alchemist uses a portion of his total gold, pic programing software convering his punches with gold.

Each stack of Goblin's Greed increases the maximum brew duration. It takes a long time to kill this, but with much patience you will succeed. After upload, share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family. Highly Combustible's explosion damage is centered on the acid pool's center area, and not the main target. While brewing the concoction, Alchemist can still move around and take action.

Didn't found proper dota imba legend ai download link? When targets are no longer standing on the acid, the stacks degrade every second. Does not block when taking damage from it exploding on someone without Linken's Sphere.

Acidic Emanation causes the damage instances to be dealt twice on each tick, effectively doubling the damage a tick does. Chemical Rage now grants an aura to allies that increases their damage.

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With each kill, Alchemist earns base bonus gold and extra bonus gold. Oh I forgot to mention that you need to be on max level too. Disjoints projectiles upon cast.

After i killed the Bear slayer. Golden Greevil is flying unit that follows Alchemist around, and can be seen to anyone. This number is only visible to Alchemist.

Illusions gain bonus gold the same way as Alchemist. Alchemist himself has to last hit to gain a stack, making last hits with other owned units does not add to his current stack. The brew Razzil gave to the Ogre during their prison bust has become a useful potion in the midst of combat.

All Sticky Acid's stacks on the main target are consumed, dealing their damage instantly. They have their own, independent counter. Greevil's Greed triggers on every last hit Alchemist makes, excluding last hits on allies, illusions and Power Cogs. Acidic Emanation has an green aura effect at Alchemist's feet. The explosion has the same radius as the pool, covering all of it.

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My fire pheonix almost kill the Bear slayer OzNake but when it wanna die it suddenly get stronger than my pheonix die T. However, since those checks are done on every interval, gold gained from each instance can vary if Alchemist generates enough Greevil's Greed stacks in between. Stupidly overpowered heroes?

If Unstable Concoction hits an enemy inside Acid Spray's pool of acid, it explodes violently, dealing a portion of its damage to all enemies in the acid pool. The armor reduction is provided by an aura. Only blocked on the main target. Illusions benefit from everything but the health regen and mana regen. Alchemist synthesizes additional gold from his enemies and bounty runes.

The sound can be heard by enemies only when the spell was cast within their vision range. The status buff icon shows how much extra gold Alchemist gains on his next last hit. Enemy units who step across the contaminated terrain take damage per second and have their armor reduced. Creeps Lane Creeps Neutrals Roshan.

Enemies inside the acid's area accumulate stacks of Sticky Acid every second, further increasing the damage from the acid and the armor reduction. If file is multipart don't forget to check all parts before downloading! The Golden Greevil does not teleport with Alchemist, and simply tries to reach its master. Bags can be picked up by allies and enemies.

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Alchemist can deny himself with this ability. Alchemist causes his Ogre to enter a chemically induced rage, reducing base attack cooldown and increasing movement speed and regeneration. Self-casting does not change the net worth. There are lots of hero that i think can kill OzNake, Try to make your own line up.

The gold is granted regardless of the distance and is purely visual. Since it increases the hero's base health and mana regeneration, they are fully affected by percentage increment and decrements. Doing so transfers the net worth of the item from Alchemist to the target hero.

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