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Dark Rivers of the Heart Dean Koontz. But Watchers is definitely the top of my list! Dean Koontz or Stephen King? Dean has also written under nine different pen names such as Brian Coffey, Aaron Wolfe, and David Axton to name a few.

Dean Koontz

Incorrect Book The list contains an incorrect book please specify the title of the book. My all time favorite Koontz book has to be Watchers. Monthly Poll How often do you visit the library? The graphic novel Nevermore was co-authored by Keith Champagne.

Dean also writes poetry and short fiction stories. By the Light of the Moon is the story of an artist, his autistic brother and a stand-up comedian who has visions who only have hours to find out who is after them. He was hardly an overnight success, but his long list of works is evidence of his popularity and longevity. It would make a fantastic movie. The Long Sleep was written as John Hill.

Much of Koontz's early work was in the form of short fiction. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What do you do with the dust jacket from a hardcover book? In this modern day version, Victor Frankenstein is using modern technology to create monsters. It was followed by three sequels about a genetically modified golden retriever, and a monster, both whom break free of captivity.

MaryJanice Davidson Author. Last Light Novella Dean Koontz. The Door to December Dean Koontz. The Vision is the only one I've read so far.

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Many who have never even read his works, and have simply seen his books on the shelves recognize his name. To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. Navigation Home Characters Authors. On Read The site is set up for educational purposes. The others are dancing away on the shelves, waiting for attention.

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Trixie, who Dean received as a gift from a charity he contributed to, passed in the year and served as a major inspiration for the canine characters through many of his works. Seize the Night Dean Koontz. The Eyes of Darkness Dean Koontz. My favorite is the first one I ever read by Koontz, ing android games Phantoms.

How to Vote To vote on existing books from the list, beside each book there is a link vote for this book clicking it will add that book to your votes. Now that I have several dozen of them and not that much time to read, I am trying to decide which to read first. Anyway your post took the words right out of my head.

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Here is the spine-tingling page second installment of this super-charged stand-alone Odd adventure. City of Night and the graphic novel Trapped were co-authored by Ed Gorman. The planned final chapter of the Odd Thomas series, Saint Odd has no indicated release date as of yet. Theres no stopping hom now.

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Cast and Kristin Cast Author. Search for a book to add a reference. The best book by Dean Koontz, in my opinion, is Life Expectancy. The site is set up for educational purposes. Dean wrote a new adaptation of the Mary Shelly classic Frankenstein, which is also now a series.

Prodigal Son was co-authored by Kevin J. Only flag lists that clearly need our attention. He attended Shippensburg State College in Pennsylvania where he won an Atlantic Monthly competition for his writing, which further encouraged him to continue. Dean Koontz is also my favorite author and I love to read his books. Three graphic novels serve as prequels to the series.

Koontz Books Stories and Other Writings

Dean has published over a hundred pieces of work to date, mostly of the suspense-thriller genre that heavily involve science fiction. Final Hour Novella Dean Koontz. Loved the first Odd Thomas book, the others not so much.

There are plans for a full-feature film as an entertainment company who wishes to bring it to the big screen picked up the series. You didn't include Watchers?

He is considered one of the most successful authors alive today. This was my first Dean Koontz book and I loved it, very hard edged for Koontz. Let us know - we're continually adding new authors and characters daily. House of Odd is co-authored by Landry Q. It really is great, the writing, the characters, the plot.