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As a fan of this particular genre, I've listened to many good post-apocalyptic books. Why can't they all be like this? She really makes the characters live. However, this is probably my favourite - the interaction between Sookie and Eric is so entertaining I find myself laughing out loud at frequent intervals. Gunnie Lizbeth Rose tries to piece out a life, running security on runs from Texoma across the border to Mexico, where work and prospects are stronger.

Love the story and also Everyone is correct. Those are my official reasons for answering a wanted ad for a skeevy-looking bartender gig. Kerys Loring hopes an expedition to a distant alien ruin will make her career - assuming she lives long enough to still have one. About three things I was certain.

Lauryl Lewis author of the Grace zombie series. Together he and his group plan and then implement a long term survival plan. The narrator does an excellent job.

This installment is absolutely fabulous and I was thrilled to get the audio version. They attack without warning and without mercy. Love all of these books This series is my favorite of my books. He honestly never gave it a thought. Can an unlikely band of burnouts find safe haven?

My Dead World

My Dead World Audiobook

Jacqueline Druga

Can't get enough of vampire Eric I really liked this book. Eric the Viking thrills My favourite of the all the southern vampire mysteries. Its impact will bring global devastation. He is such a beautiful bad boy. Brilliantly read and performed Making you feel like you are actually living the story.

What could have brought her to this? Who will survive The Arches? The fact that spotting the missing Elven American Princess had become more popular than spotting Elvis helped. As an elite event planner, Margot's rubbed elbows with the cream of Chicago society and made elegance and glamour her business.

But the main thing I liked about the story is the same thing I didn't care for. Alone and separated from her family, Audrey is soon joined by two other survivors. But there's more than one corpse in those woods, and the second one raises questions no one wants to ask.

Dead to the World (Audiobook) by Charlaine Harris

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Good fun stuff I can't help but enjoy these. This one, however, was by far the best I've heard. More supernatural creatures are introduced in this installment.

My Dead World

Great entertaining story with perfect narration. She's riding high until one event goes tragically, spectacularly wrong.

When Lily finds and reports a dead body, her shady past and connections to potential perpetrators make her a leading suspect. What did you love best about Dead to the World? When James Miller, the most respectable of Scottish businessmen, is pulled, dead, from the Thames, his daughter is drawn into an investigation which reveals a whole world of secrets and corruption. The townspeople brag that Mills Run is isolated, and at times, cut off from the rest of the world. But then, new templates for powerpoint Mercy isn't exactly normal herself.

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An excellent and chilling story woven by J Druga! Easy listerning and very entertaining. Another thing is the main witch-related plot.

There, he and the others start piecing together the inevitable. The only niggle is some bits are repetative for the benefit of new readers so the story can wander slightly. The lack of warning leaves everyone in the dark about what has occurred and vulnerable to all that unfolds.

No electricity, no phones, no distractions. This story is one of my favorite in the entire Sookie Stackhouse Series. The touching parts in the story even made me cry. Eric is somewhat cursed and we see quite a different side of him. Their numbers spread unchecked.

They call it Pandoravirus. When I finish listening to the entire series, I'm immediately listening to this book again. Broke, almost homeless, and recently fired. The Darkwater Bride combines the genres of the Victorian mystery thriller with the equally classic Victorian mode of the ghostly tale.

But now he has amnesia, he's sweet, vulnerable, and in need of Sookie's help - because whoever took his memory now wants his life. Maybe that's why, when she comes across a naked vampire on the way home from work, she doesn't just drive on by.