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Harry Bosch and Terry McCaleb. The dialogue during all of the courtroom scenes was great.

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Discography Rainbow Deep Purple. Homicide Detective Harry Bosch, whom Connelly had featured in several novels up to that point. Several intelligent and well-educated characters express total ignorance at the mention of the artist, and even admit they have no idea how to pronounce his first name are phonics totally dead? Their lineup has seen many changes over the years. Bosch may have gone in too many times.

Jack McEvoy has a small, but good part. Almost immediately, McCaleb strikes upon a clue that links one of his old friends from the L.

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The defendant is a Hollywood director. How does working with the worst humanity has to offer affect them? In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Otherwise it was okay but I'm glad to see a change with the next book. She appeals to McCaleb who had worked with her previously, to look at the evidence and offer an opinion. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

This was an easy book to read. Since the book is set up as Terry trying to tie Bosch into a murder of a man that was Bosch's suspect in a prior case, I just couldn't work up the energy to it.

This is another very good novel from Michael Connelly. The lights of Hollywood glimmered in the cut, a mirror reflection of the stars of all galaxies everywhere. Not dark, not dark at all. It was good, but I prefer Bosch as the main investigator, not McCaleb.

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Let's face it, the awards are well deserved, especially for those first novels more on that later. While Harry is involved with the latest celebrity trial L.

Cassie Black doesn't make an appearance, a website to games for pc but there is a nod to her as well. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Blackmore's Night.

Other books in the series. Good thing Levine loves ladies so much. Terry is called in by an old friend, Jaye Winston.

Blackmore's Night discography. Both have really good instincts but their approaches couldn't be more different. We also get to learn a great deal more about the painter for whom Harry Bosch was named, and how that connection puts Bosch on the suspect list for some recent killings. Bosch knew the murder victim and had actually spoke to him the night of the murder.

This really didn't feel much like a Bosch book. And it was so frustrating that he tried so hard to make it fit.

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His interpretation of some characters came out too arrogant and negative somehow. Edward Gunn was found dead in his apartment on New Year's Day. Have no idea how I missed this one because I have made a concerted effort to read this series in order. And also these guys Bosch and McCaleb has to be freaking clairvoyant to be able to figure out how the criminal trial case was tied up into the murder of Gunn.

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This guy seems to have to prove himself till the day he dies. He did that in the early books, but not in the later books. This one is not typical Bosch because the main detective work is being done by McCaleb, not Bosch.

The story positively flows along, subplots weaving and interacting, revealing details in a gradual, methodical manner that's almost maddening. Along with the pulse-pounding police procedural and action, there is the philosophical aspect, as McCaleb examines the dark psyche of his friend Bosch. The book can be read as a standalone. It is a reggae-influenced pop song.

The characters are sharp, both returning and new. Who made the call to Tafero, if it wasn't Bosch? Still, I'd recommend the book to mystery readers, especially Harry Bosch fans. Man, is this guy predictable.

Jaye Winston, the Sheriff's detective working the case, has a history with McCaleb and knows that he could offer some valuable insight. Bosch and McCaleb may be the good guys but they deal with monsters. That's that guy from that other book! Though Levine appears determined, his girlfriend seems troubled by his bloody profession and lack of financial stability for their daughter and leaves him in the end. And Harry remains a fascinating character.

Do you really have to set Harry up in every single crime? Civilian or not, and whether anyone wants him to or not, McCaleb will wind up in the middle of it. Bosch is up as a witness for the prosecution in the trial of David Storey. Meanwhile, Harry Bosch is working closely with the prosecution on a case that he investigated. The defendant, a well known producer who had a date with her and was the last to see her.

Problems playing this file? This book mentions several cases that Harry Bosch has tried to solve over the last few books in the Bosch series. She was just kind of there weeping and being negative all of the time since she doesn't want Terry to be involved in profiling anymore. Harry is a complicated fellow, very difficult to read, to understand and yes, a bit dark. The video series shows us what Bosch is up to right from the beginning while the book keeps this as a mystery right till the end.

As Connelly does so well, he brings some of his characters together from other series McCaleb, McEvoy and blends them into the storyline. Terry is reluctant to get involved - and strongly discouraged by his wife - but is drawn into the investigation anyway.