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Thank you Zoe for that tidbit, I would have forgotten the only defining thing about Damien's character if not for you p. So, expect lots of drama in this book. She represents water well. Plus, the reveal is so expected by any smart reader that it doesn't even qualify as a twist. It's awkward and cringe-inducing and only makes me dislike Zoey more.

It was good for ex panding their horizons especially true in Oklahoma white boys. The fledglings had lost their humanity and reverted to an almost feral state. While Zoey is trying to figure out who is murdering the boys, she also has apprehension about her mentor, who is also the High Priestess or principal of the House of Night, Neferet. The teachers and students at House of Night really know nothing about proper behavior.

And experience the same stuff other normal teenagers do. Using her elemental affinities, Zoey frees Heath. It's been pretty obvious this past month that y'all are dating.

Does that make her a slut? Remember Sexual harassment panda from South Park? This is exactly why I hate this bunch of bitches. Say it to yourself a few times.

Well, I have a bad habit of buying the whole series, even though I haven't read the first book. It's fun and fast to read. She chances upon a crying Aphrodite who claims to have had another vision involving Zoey's grandmother. Honestly, without the occasional mention of drinking blood, I would have assumed it was a book about witches.

And the supposedly advanced vocabulary used by Damian? To see the full drinking game click here I think my local library hates me. Wh To see the full drinking game click here I think my local library hates me. Even if the writing is bad in a book, as long as, I connect to the characters and the story then, I can look past the painful narration.

It's like Loren's in a whole other world. Plus I got some of the weed in my mouth.

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Betrayed A House of Night Novel Summary & Study Guide Description

And let's not forget the fact that She's the most powerful fledging in vampire history. But most important, football players that Zoey knew are getting killed, and it looks like Heath might be next.

What I promise you is that I sincerely want what is best for the Dark Daughters and Sons, and for all of the fledglings at the House of Night. Also, in this book, a few of the things I know happened from my first time reading happened, so it's nice getting some clarity on my vague memories. The Casts can do nothing to make him likable.

She represents earth well. As Zoey grieves over Stevie Rae, she learns that Heath too has disappeared, following the two other murders.

Only, apparently all fledglings are legally emancipated from their parents upon entering the House of Night, so it's not exactly an issue, is it? Rational thought flew from my mind. For me it is still a guilty pleasure and I am devouring the series for second time with the same enjoyment and attention. Zoe becomes a vampire faster than the other fledglings and has already become leader of the Daughters of Dark.

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Betrayed A House of Night Novel Summary & Study Guide

But that doesn't mean he needs to be a walking stereotype. This article needs additional citations for verification. After all, I read and reviewed Marked about a month ago. This one picks up not far where Marked left off. This book is not a good book.

You may think he's mysterious and hot and age doesn't matter when it comes to romance, but the fact that he's legal and your not has lots of ramifications. Aphrodite just wants to be accepted, but she goes about it all wrong. Will Grandma Redbird embezzle from the Cherokee bingo parlor's funds to feed her Etsy habit?

So this is a reread so I can finally finish this series and jump into Loved. That's not enough time to become comfortable with being different, no matter how awesome the difference might be. Oh woe is Zoey Redbird, High Priestess in training! We do not store files, because it is prohibited. Like with the first book a lot of the same drinking rules apply.

Brief introduction

As a Pagan, this is just so cool to me. She is one of the wisest people I know, and Nyx proved that she looks to the interior when she chose Erin.

There's no magic in Betrayed. Go check out my Betrayed review! Events in Betrayed continue from about month after the events in Marked the first book in this series finished. For me House of Night is the ultimate example of how a decent story can be ruined by a bad cast of characters. Fledgling vampyre Zoey Redbird has managed to settle in at the House of Night.

There was a lot of talk about rituals, elements, and the Daughters of Darkness or whatever they were called. Not to mention that any time Shaunee shows up, everything stops to remind us that she's black. Later on, she chances upon Neferet scolding Aphrodite and is shocked by this new side of her mentor. With this one, I actually didn't want to go right into the next book. May Governments Restrict Emigration?

This is a first person story. Considering that the author, Tera Gillespie is reportedly from Dubai and that the Casts are from Oklahoma maybe it's just a coincidence.

The loyalty among Zoey's group never falters though, and it really strengthens the book. Upon hearing that Zoey saw her and Aphrodite, she informs her that the latter's visions were no longer valid, as Nyx had withdrawn her gift, and advises Zoey to keep her distance. Despite the mediocre writing, the plot, I admit is good. Zoey reorganizes the Dark Daughters, but is annoyed by Neferet taking credit for most of her ideas at the first ritual. About screwed-up parents in gen eral?

Not that Heath was hateful or anything like that, but he was a typical teenage Okie boy, which tended to mean narrow minded homophobe. Zoe most of the times does not feel comfortable with these rabbit changes, but she has good friends who support her.