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As Meena Kumari rows away her canoe alone, Bharat Bhushan comes into view. Insha Allah, some day I would be able to do it. His talent of singing was the reason he won so many accolades and awards like he won national awards and won six times Filmfare awards.

Priceless Gems - Shaandar Qawwaliyan- Vol. Rafi pours the pain of this character in this plaintive melody.

Top 10 Songs Of Mohd Rafi Telugu Movie Audio Jukebox Mp3 MB

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Chaudhvin Ka Chand - Mohammed Rafi. Then the newly weds Pradeep Kumar and Meena Kumari come upon this group. Burman, Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Kalyanji-Anandji. World was recognizing his talent and soon all India radio Lahore station invited Mohammad Rafi to sing for them. The first eight duets came to me spontaneously.

Chorus in golden era was at its best too. In fact all the songs from this movie were great and carried the stamp of C Ramchandra as one amongst his best creations.

Top 10 Songs Of Mohd Rafi Telugu Movie Audio Jukebox Mp3 MB

It would be a surprise if the great melody maker Chitragupta did not make it to my list. Right from the first to last.

One has to make several lists for them to cover most of their good songs. But in any case Md Rafi remains great in any form and combination.

One of the best songs of Rafi for Raj Kapoor. Priceless Gems - Duets Of Mohd. Rafi, Mohammed Rafi, fl studio full version for android Mohd. Mohammad Rafi Songs - Mohd. His singing career expands for approximately thirty five years and in these years Mohammad Rafi won many hearts along with the awards through his songs.

Mohammed Rafi Mp3 Songs Download

Bhatiaji, There is another lovely duet in halaku. It is so enchanting and sweet. Towards the end of the duet you see the couple, now by themselves under the stars, walking off towards the sea and generally soaking the romantic ambience. He started singing by imitating the beggars and this talent was spotted by a family friend. The listing will be long and i would be following it separately.

This rural idyll needed the melody of Chitragupta, who would create a sensation with this genre in Bhojpuri films like Ganga Maiya Tohe Piyari Chhdayibe and Laagi naahi chute Ram. The one remaining slot I have to give to Roshan whom I put at the top in melody.

Here is this duet sung so beautifully by the two stalwarts, and picturised equally beautifully on Kishore Sahu and Bina Rai. My purpose was to include those songs which have held me spellbound for over three decades, taking not more than one from a music director. The criteria I have followed is not to have more than one duet from any composer. Many of the greatest songs of Rafi are by unknown composers. Rafi-Naushad is again a class apart.

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Later he was sent to Mumbai to learn classical music. Automatically playing similar songs. The songs he listed are all-time favourites. Kala Pani - Mohammed Rafi.

Nevertheless, Mohammad Rafi and his voice would continue to rule over the hearts and minds of his fans spread all across the world. Mohammad Rafi was a popular Indian playback singer. These songs also contain the songs which are suitable for dancing and people enjoy the wedding by shaking their legs on these songs. Even in my list of duets you see some songs by some relatively small time composers far far superior to those by stalwarts. Brahmachari - Mohammed Rafi.

Lata Rafi have innumerable immortal duets. Rafi bhaiya was not getting the antara, phirun tujhe sang leke, accurately.

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Ye raat bheegi bheegi the famous Manna Dey- Lata Mangeshkar duet should figure whenever it fits a theme which I like. Kb tak uthayein gham was new to me. The female voice simply paled in comparison.

Best Hits Of Mohammad Rafi Songs

He was given many opportunities to sing songs and of these opportunities was for singing duet songs. We are fortunate enough to have lived this era, especially those growth years, when this music became our staple diet. About other female singers and Lata Mangeshkar I said a similar thing in different words. Even other talented composers like Hemant Kumar, Ravi and Khayyam worked with us with resounding success. These were Naushad sahib creation.

We will love to have them here. Ksbhatiaji, I am not aware of any other Nausherwan E Adil duet, if you find one, please let us know. Thus one has to stay in touch in order to find out that which out the list of top Mohammad Rafi songs free download at various sites. Such songs make me very hesitant in using the pejorative term B-grade for these films. Incidently there is beautiful background piece picturised on Pran and Sharmila tagore while dancing in the lobby of the hotel just after the main song Akele akele.