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What was there left for him to do except to surrender the mind and the body to the Lord? He decided to surrender, at the feet of Lord Muruga, the body that had failed to serve Him in any way, He decided upon suicide. Arunagirinatha was a traditional type of devout Hindu. Lord Muruga came to the rescue of His devotee who was preparing to shed his body and saved him not only from death, but accepted him as dear to Him and took possession of him.

Biography of Saint Arunagirinathar

His sister always gave whatever she earned to make her brother happy, and he frequently visited the devadasis. There came a time when his sister had no money to meet his demands for dissipation. The crisis in his life started mounting up.

Other musicians who have set music to Tiruppugazh include Chitravina N Ravikiran. Was Arunagirinatha's decision to end his life born of mere disgust and frustration, a simple attempt at suicide, in order to put an end to suffering, which can no longer be endured?

The manifestation of Lord Muruga standing on his dancing peacock is not an every day occurrence. See Him on His peacock Vahana He has now taken charge of you.

Arunagirinathar Tamil Movie

The king arranged a public gathering of thousands and commanded Arunagiri to prove the existence of Murugan to others. Lord Muruga was the family God whom his ancestors have been worshipping. Captivated by the song, he decided to set out on a mission to search for the entire body of Thiruppugazh songs.

The Thiruppugazh songs remained in manuscript form for a number of years and were gradually forgotten. It is not vouchsafed even to His most sincere devotees. His father died soon after his birth and his pious mother and sister instilled in him, their cultural and religious traditions.

Arunagirinathar Statue at Venjamakoodalur Temple, playbook apps near Karur. There is no doubt that Arunagirinathar possessed a deep knowledge of music and rhythms.

Painting from Tiru Avinankudi Tirukkovil, Palani. He began to worry very much over his pitiable state. Tamil-language films films s Tamil-language films Indian black-and-white films Indian films Indian biographical films Films directed by T.

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He had also cultivated the art of writing eulogies of rich men to obtain presents of money from them. This not only shows that his father was alive much longer than what myths suggest but also that he was married. Doubt not, there is no Greater State. Hearing this shocks him to the core and changes his outlook. Yet Arunagirinatha the dissolute was rewarded with this supreme act of compassion.

Biography of Saint Arunagirinathar

Soundararajan in the titular role, with M. Arunagiri was attracted to the pleasures of the flesh and spent his youth in pursuing a life of debauchery. In our sastras, it is said that the state of mind of a person at the last moment when life is about to leave the body, is very important from the point of view of his rebirth.


Since he had leprosy, prostitutes could avoid him and if that were the case, Arunagiri's sister says she will offer herself to him, to stop Arunagiri from committing suicide. It is composed in raaga Shanmugapriya. To seek Him, endeavour Patiently and steadily. Saroja tries to reform her brother, Arunagiri, so she arranged his marriage with Gnana Valli Sharadha. He was a devotee of Lord Murugan and worshipped him at the sacred Vedapureeswarar temple in the town of Cheyyar.

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The Alexander Romance in India. Kinkini thith thimi, thith thith The anklets on the dancing feet jingled, A sound that to other sounds Closed my hearing.

In the Kandar Anubhuti, it is revealed that Arunagirinathar was an exponent of Shaktism. Trust not the body That infernal machine Turning out pleasure and pain. In the Tamil language, he excelled in expression and learning.

It's good you decided to surrender. He decided to end his life, went to a temple and hit his head against the pillars and steps, begging for forgiveness.

It filled my heart tasting like nectar And I was lost to Him forever. Arunagiri worships Lord Murugan who had just rescued him from certain death by suicide. Soundararajan in the title role, was released.